DGT’s Michael Twohig to present at CFTA 2019

DGT’s Michael Twohig to present at CFTA 2019

We will be in attendance at this year’s Campus FM Technology Association Conference, a national gathering of educational campus facility management professionals. Michael Twohig, our SUE/SUM Services Manager, will lead a session on creating a campus digital atlas for attendees.

The conference is scheduled for July 30 – August 2 at the Sheraton Austin Hotel at the Capitol in Austin, Texas.

Mike Twohig at CFTA ‘19

Session Title: Campus Planning: Why a digital utility atlas is the key to knowledge succession

Session Description: Schools have succession plans for the important aspects of their institutions’ endowments, faculty, curriculum, leadership. What many schools don’t have is a succession plan for the most visible, tangible part of their institution: the campus itself. As paper records are forgotten under piles of other information, and sources of institutional knowledge retire, that history is in danger of being lost. A digital utility atlas is vital to protecting and planning the school’s future.