DGT Survey Group is now DGT Associates; Launches new brand identity

DGT Survey Group is now DGT Associates; Launches new brand identity

Dear Friends,

We are excited to share news about the future of our company. Today, we are embracing our 125-year-old history as a leading surveying and engineering firm in Greater Boston, and changing our name to DGT Associates. We are confident the new identity reflects the strength and expertise of our team today, and tomorrow.

To showcase the new DGT Associates, we are pleased to launch an informative and responsive new website at www.DGTassociates.com. You will see and feel our new brand in other places too, including our vehicles, communication materials, and more.

The DGT Associates brand encompasses a rich history of formidable and prominent names and businesses in the engineering and surveying industries. Our company today draws on those roots and also uses the latest innovations and advancements that technology offers our industry.

In addition to our Boston Seaport and Worcester offices, DGT Associates is proud to continue operations in our Framingham location from the firm we acquired in 2015, Schofield Brothers of New England. Our Schofield colleagues have worked alongside us from day one, and we are thrilled at this time to formally welcome them to DGT Associates.

This moment represents a significant milestone in the history of DGT Associates. Founded in Boston’s Seaport District, our roots stretch back to 1877. Our legacy firms, Aspinwall & Lincoln, William S. Crocker Co., New England Survey Services (NESS), John F. Hennessy, Gunther Engineering, Cullinan Engineering and Schofield Brothers, represent the most trusted and respected names in Boston’s engineering and surveying industry. From Fenway Park to Mass General Hospital to Harvard University, our stamp is prevalent throughout the region’s most iconic properties.

We are who we are today because of great clients and partners like you. Thank you for your continued loyalty and commitment. We look forward to connecting with you soon to help fulfill the goals of your next projects in 2018 and beyond.


Michael A. Clifford, PLS
Co-founder & Principal

Robert S. Staples, PLS
Co-founder & Principal