Campus Planning & Facilities Management

Plan for the future of your campus with a Digital Utility Atlas

Campus Planning & Facilities Management

Plan for the future of your campus with a digital Utility Atlas

Caught between digital and paper

Strategic planning, construction and renovation are an everyday part of life for most colleges, universities, and even prep schools. Every project is a new chapter in the school’s history. As paper records are forgotten under piles of other information, and sources of institutional knowledge retire, that history is in danger of being lost.

A 3D digital Utility Atlas

DGT Associates, a leader in subsurface utility locating and mapping, works with facilities and asset managers, strategic planners, and other physical campus leaders to digitize legacy plans and records in a complete three-dimensional digital Utility Atlas. With easily-accessible and actionable underground information, universities can plan for the future without losing insights of the past.

Why SUM?

Successful project teams engage underground stakeholders early on a project with highly reliable Subsurface Utility Mapping (SUM) information. Over the past three decades; federal, state and institutions have published numerous case studies that support the use of SUM in the early part of project development as a best-practice standard. The return on investment (ROI) and improved project safety associated with SUM implementation is so well received that many Federal and State agencies require SUM be implemented in the early design phase of a project to protect the best interest of the taxpayers and the public.

SUE/SUM Case Study
Campus Planning:

 Why a digital utility atlas is the key to knowledge succession

Meet the Expert – Michael A. Twohig

Lead by Michael A. Twohig, Director of Subsurface Utility Mapping and globally recognized SUM expert, DGT Associates understands the complex impact of underground environments on campus master planning and improvement projects.

Mike brings more than 35 years of experience in professional utility locating, mapping, underground damage prevention, industry safety awareness program, and passion for educating colleagues in the industry to every project he leads.